Attack of the Bat Monsters movie trailer

Tom Hennig, Director of Photography, Attack of the Bat Monsters
Shot on S16, Attack was theatrically released in Fall 2012. Produced on a micro budget, this 96 minute feature was shot on under 25000 running feet of film. Does anyone remember film?
Dances With Film “Best of Fest” and lots of other awards. A cult classic for horror buffs.
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Loosely based on the exploits of legendary exploitation filmmaker Roger Corman, ATTACK OF THE BAT MONSTERS takes place in 1959 at a desolate rock quarry where a driven director, after wrapping three days early on a low-budget science-fiction film, exhorts his cast and crew to shoot a second film in the 72 hours they have left. When the exhausted cast and crew agree, a comic nightmare ensues for all involved.

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