The TriCaster 455 Webcasting Tool, Our Internet Swiss Army Knife

Engage, Communicate, listen and collaborate online with customers or potential markets.  Our newest addition to our productions toolbox gives you a cost effective tool to create stunning multi-source productions supporting both the net and Hi Def broadcast television either independently or simultaneously.

Do you have a new executive or product to introduce?  Do you need to reach employees around the world?  Do you have an event that people can’t attend?  Is your company sponsoring an event and do you want a tool to help maximize your exposure?  Are you creating a press event to raise the awareness of your message?  If the answer is yes, we have the tools and people to give you a credible online presence.

If you can hit the web, any location in the world can be your stage.  Create meaningful, live interpersonal communication with your audience using 2 way communications either through video chat applications or email connectivity.  Because your message is hosted in the cloud, you control access without creating an IT headache for your internal network.

Use the web to measure the effectiveness of your event.  Channel Analytics allow you to identify key metrics like total audience streams, locations, times and what content people are watching.  All of that and more is bundled in the capabilities of your webcast experience.

As you can tell, we’re pretty pumped about our new tool.  Check out how we use it.  We can schedule you an online demo to show how easy it is to implement.

Feel free to call us with any questions at 512-731-7812.